A good Lawyer or Accountant
will make you more
than they cost you

Platinum Personal and Business Law is a team of young experienced professionals that are motivated to make navigating the law simple, and ensuring expert legal advice is accessible to everyone.

Most people, if they are brave enough to start the road to a business venture, often sign themselves up for personal liabilities in the process, with dire consequences down the track if things are not handled correctly. 

This hard statistic is not to discourage, but rather encourage business men and women to work smarter and harder to protect themselves personally and the engagements their business makes.

You are much more likely to be brave enough to dust yourself off, get up and try again, if you are getting simple, active and regular legal advice along the way. 

And this is where we come in. 

We don’t go to court, but we can make sure you don’t have to go. 

You can contact us anytime, and will only be charged our reasonable, flexible rates, with your first call up to 30 minutes free; from then on $100 per 15 minutes and fixed price contract reviews. 


contract review

If you have a contract you are signing or giving to someone, it is worth a small fixed fee to have our team review it for you. 

LOANS & debt recovery

If you are lending money, make SURE you can get it back later, or put them on a payment plan. 


If you want to take control of your retirement savings and make your own investments, get advice on it first.